Picture above left is my late Grandfather, Russell Douglas Mayhew.  He started our family shoe business and Russell's Auction Firm is named after him and his late grandson, Russell Alan Mayhew.  Pictured above right is my father, James Mayhew, who gave the auction firm its name, Russell's Auction Firm, LLC.


We have the means to move it.  With  7  16 Foot Enclosed Cargo Trailors we move estates in house and offer Online Auctions directly from the property location.  We offer Business Liquidation ONLINE Auctions, Commercial and Personal Property Auctions, Real Estate Online Auctions, but most important to our business, we work with deadlines.  If the time is now for you to have it sold, our team will work closely in a timely manner to assist you in having a task at hand carried through in a  professional, timely manner.


Online Sales are on the rise from home shopping, Amazon, Ebay, Etc.  Russell's Auction Firm fits into the era of the big companies but with a personal connection to our sellers and buyers. The seller is who we represent, Unlike Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, Etc.  The Buyers are as important to this business, but if we did not have the sellers, we would not be in business.  Russell's Auction Firm considers the Sellers and the Buyers as being Equal to the growth of product and sales.  Russell's Auction Firm offers a 20% Commission for Referrals on Estate and Commercial Liquidations.  We charge 3% on REAL ESTATE SALES.