Russell's Auction Firm, LLC offers in house training for anyone not custom to the online bidding format, registration, payment, and removal of items won.  Email us at [email protected] or contact us by phone 434-907-3396.

As our world is turning into a large ONLINE BUYING world, we feel that Online Auctions offer much more than the traditional Live auctions..

You may buy in the comfort of YOUR Environment, Inclement weather enhances online buying, and Russell's Auction Firm publishes online auctions weeks in advance, offering you, the buyer, time to research what you may want to bid on.

We encourage Bidder Inspection by appointment 3 days PRIOR To auction ending.

Step 1.  The first step of the process involves REGISTRATION.  You may Register at anytime for any auction listed.  The process is self explanatory from the Registration Link but, if you need assistance, we will aid in step 1, Registration.


Step 2.  Now that you are registered, the second step is Bidding.  You simply click the Online Bidding Link to enter into the chosen auction.  Our increments for bidding are in 2 dollar increments up to $100.00, they then go in $25.00 increments up to $1000.00 then in 100.00 increments.  Once you have entered your bid, you select the BID Button, this locks in your bid.  However you may be over bid during the duration of the auction, so remember to add you favorite items to your WATCH List so that monitoring your status will be easier from your WATCH List.


Step 3.  The third step is PAYMENT.  Accepted forms of payments are Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.  If you are a local Buyer, you may pay with good check or CASH.  You must have available funds on you credit card for your online purchase.  Please note that the 20%  buyer's premium is added to your final hammer price. Example: You won your bids at $50.00, with the added buyer's premium, your total is $60.00. A Guns and Coin ONLY Auction will only incur a 10% Buyer's Premium.  Some of our higher valued items, the buyer's premium may be lowered and will be noted in the catalog.

Step 4.  Removal of items won.  Buyers MUST BRING all tools and HELP to safely remove won items.  All items needing shipping will go out within a 3 day period of auction ending.  Step 4 is most challenging Step for Russell's Auction Firm.  With trying to implement the harsh reality in a positive way, Buyer's need to meet your responsibility for REMOVAL in a much TIMELY MANNER of 3 days from auction ending.  Scheduled Removal times may not work for you, due to your job.  HOWEVER, if items are not picked up within 3 days of auction ending, your card will be charged and items will be considered abandoned by the buyer and removed by Russell's Auction Firm to our choice of disposal.  If this happens 2 times from the same buyer, you will be terminated from our bidding platform.  This termination makes all parties included Equal.